The company serves primarily the aerospace, defense and automotive sectors worldwide.


Lightest Armor develops state-of-the-art AntiBullet brand of gear, which provides for greater mobility, improved cooling capability, and a reduction to the combat load. Proprietary magnesium alloys deployed deliver very important advantages for armor applications.

Beyond weight reduction by approximately 25%, which is of obvious benefit, certain additional properties contribute to the AntiBullet inserts’ superior performance in life-or-death environment.

The ability of magnesium to be strain rate sensitive enhances bullet resistance, as it excellently absorbs energy at very high strain rates.

Magnesium has by far the highest dampening characteristics among all industrial metals.

Additionally, magnesium’s tendency to alloy with lead tends to generate a high friction effect as the lead round tries to pass through our plate.

The above characteristics enable AntiBullet inserts to provide Stand-alone protection against AK47 MSC and NATO Ball threats, as well as its potential ability to stop armor piercing (AP) rounds, when used in combination with ceramic strike face.

About Lightest Armor

The parent company,, Inc. specializes in the development, manufacture and supply of lightweight applications deploying proprietary and generic magnesium, aluminum-lithium and other aluminum-based specialized alloys and hybrid materials...

Weight Reduction

Weight reduction is a critical design requirement across the range of military equipment. Group develops solutions for application of magnesium in structural and system components to achieve weight reduction...

Ballistic Applications

Magnesium alloys offer a unique combination of high tensile strength (up to 410 MPa), low density (up to 1.8 g/cm3), and superior shock-absorbency (100 times greater than aluminum alloys!). In addition, Magnesium has the highest...

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